Make Your Own Easy Easter Centrepiece

We may not be able to have a big family get together this Easter (once again, cheers Covid!) but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate Easter in our own way. We decided to brighten up our Easter Sunday dinner by making our own Easter centrepiece. It is so quick and easy and looks great too. And we had all the things we needed just lying about the house and garden so it cost us absolutely nothing! Here’s how to make your own Easter centrepiece…

To make your own Easter centrepiece you will need:

To make your Easter Centrepiece:

1. Take your branches and stand them in your pot (we tied ours together to help keep them in place the way we wanted them to sit in the pot.)

2. Add your pebbles/gravel to hold them in place as well as weighing down your pot so your centrepiece doesn’t topple over and land in your Easter dinner!

Add gravel to your pot to weigh it down and look pretty

Add gravel to your pot to weigh it down and look pretty

3. Add your eggs. You could add bunnies or chicks too!

Add your Easter Eggs!

Add your Easter Eggs!

And it is as easy as that! And doesn’t it look beautiful? You could easily adapt this idea for other special times of the year such as Valentine’s, Halloween or Christmas!

Happy Easter!

A beautiful Easter centrepiece! Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from all at Vialii

Spring Into Action

As Spring is showing us more and more signs of being upon us, our minds naturally turn to getting outdoors again. Whilst there is still a risk of frost so there are a lot of things it’s still too early for, there are still plenty of tasks to keep us busy in the garden in early Spring…

Aerate your lawn

Lawns can take a bit of a pounding over winter with little sun, lots of rain and soil getting compacted. Now is the time to aerate your lawn by adding spikes from a fork or for the best results, use an aerator tool which will remove tines from your lawn. For a free quote from Vialii to have your lawn aerated and a Spring fertiliser added please get in touch.

Plan your veg patch

If you haven’t already done it, now is the time to inventory your seed collection, decide what you are growing this year, plan your layout and order whatever seeds and sets you need for this year.

Organise your veg seeds for the season ahead

Organise your veg seeds for the season ahead

Clean out pots and seed trays

You’ll soon be planting your seeds, so make sure you are ready by getting all your pots and seed trays clean and disease free. Buy new seed compost if you require it and get yourself ready to go, go, go!

Clean and sharpen tools

Just like with your pots, it’s important to keep your garden tools in tip top condition. Give them all a good clean, oil and sharpen ready for the season ahead.

Get your tools ready for the new season

Get paints and tools ready

As the temperature starts to rise and the weather improves, it will soon be time to start tackling all your outdoor painting again. Do you remember how crazy it was last year?? Hopefully there won’t be the same rush this year, but work out what you are going to need and get all your materials and tools at the ready so you can take advantage of the good weather when it comes!

Power washing

Now is the perfect time to give your patio and decking a good power wash to remove algae, stains etc and make it slip free and beautiful for outdoor socialising in the coming months.

Gentle Grass Cut

With milder temperatures we are seeing lots of growth already. A gentle first cut to the grass will help neaten your lawn and get it ready for the cutting regime to come. Make sure you raise those blades though and don’t give it a scalp (unlike some of those Lockdown haircuts!)

Give your lawn a gentle first cut

Give your lawn a gentle first cut

General Tidy Up

If you haven’t done it already, it’s time to get your garden ready for the season ahead. Cut down old herbaceous, give decorative grasses a hair cut, prune shrubs, remove any weeds coming through and generally get the garden looking ready for the new growth.


Now is the perfect time to mulch your borders and veg patches. Organic matter helps feed your plants and give them the best possible start to the year.

If you are struggling for time or need some expertise for help with any of these jobs in your garden, please get in touch and our Maintenance Team will be happy to help.