A Terraced Garden Makeover

Monday, 24 August 2020

Our clients in Stirling have a sloping garden which wasn’t practical for their young family so they got in touch with us asking for some help to make the garden much more usable for them. They wanted a sunny seating area, new levels that were easy to move around and flat areas for children to play on. There was also the matter of some poor drainage to tackle too – queue Vialii for a terraced garden makeover!

Our design for the terraced garden makeover
Our design for the terraced garden makeover

We designed the garden using beautiful sandstone to create a morning patio at the back door linking to a path along the back of the house. A path takes you down to the main dining patio in a sunny corner of the garden.

Before: the sloping garden was not practical for a young family

We used vertical sleepers to create a retaining wall which allows for two new flat grassy levels.

The new garden creates areas for the whole family

A gravel ditch at the bottom of the garden creates a space for the water to run down to.

The bottom fence was replaced with a new double slatted fence providing privacy for the family.

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If you have a garden which isn’t working for you, please get in touch for a free design consultation.

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