Garden Landscaping

At Vialii Gardens we offer a full garden landscaping service at competitive prices. This can be done in conjunction with our design service, or if there are just certain elements you need, we are happy to tackle these too. We are fully insured and have many years of experience covering all areas of garden landscaping. We use the best quality techniques and our team are always polite, prompt and professional. Some of the landscaping services we can do include:

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Adding plants to your garden is like switching on a light

At Vialii, planting is at the heart of our business. Whether you have problematic border or you want your whole garden addressed we can create a unique planting plan perfect for you and your garden. We will always choose healthy and appropriate plants and ensure they are planted properly to give them the best chance as well as giving maximum impact. Planters can add impact to the garden and we can provide a style to suit your garden along with the appropriate plants to complement them.

Lawns by Vialii


Green, green grass of home

Lawns can be an important part of your garden whether it be for family fun or to create a lovely green balance to the hard landscaping in the garden. Vialii Gardens can create new lawns, whether from seed or from turf or even artificial grass. We are happy to meet with you to discuss which option meets your needs and budget best. If you have lawn care issues which require treatment our highly experienced maintenance team can help you. Read our blogs to find out the benefits of artificial grass.

Patios and paths

Patios & paths

Creating journeys and places to pause

At Vialii, our design team know how important it is to create “journeys” around the garden with well thought through paths as well as places to relax, dine or entertain. We can help advise in terms of shape, size and positioning of patios to suit your garden and how they will be used. All of our paths and patios are constructed using the best industry techniques to make sure your new structure will remain looking good and be safe for many years to come. We can advise on the best materials to suit your garden and show you samples and images of how it would look.



The warmth and adaptability of decking

Decking has become more and more popular in recent years and can be used to create a great place to relax and enjoy your garden. It can be a good choice in gardens where brickwork is less practical, to deal with level differences, to suit a budget, as a change of surface or to create a more contemporary look. At Vialii we will always look for new, interesting materials and this applies to decking where we will often use chunky timbers or recycled materials as well as using them in interesting ways such as boardwalks through planting.



Fencing: more than just a boundary

At Vialii we understand that having a good, strong fence is important to add security to your garden but it goes way beyond that. Fences can add privacy, create a “look” and provide a lovely backdrop to the planting within the garden. We can fix your broken fences as well as providing whole new boundaries. We can also advise on the best style and colour of fence to suit your style of garden. From contemporary horizontal slats and bespoke fences to traditional ranch styles or picket fences we can undertake all types of fence work. Read our blog on some of the fence styles which could transform your garden.


Garden structures

From pergolas to raised beds

Vialii Gardens can build a wide variety of garden structures from raised vegetable beds to bespoke troughs, pergolas to timber features and sheds. Whatever your choice, all instantly giving your garden height and structure and add the “wow” factor to your garden. We are also more than happy to build any proprietary structure kits that you may have already sourced or provide well built bases for them to be situated on.

Water feature

Water features & ponds

Water: a new dimension

Water features can add another dimension a garden and create a different feel. They can be beneficial for encouraging wildlife, creating a lovely relaxing sound or adding a focal point. We are experienced in creating all shapes and sizes of garden ponds including making them child friendly using pond grids and regularly install water features in a wide range of styles. We are happy to advise on what best suits your garden and ensure it is installed safely.


Home allotments

Grow your own

The vegetable patch is quickly becoming the most essential addition to our gardens. It not only helps you save money but helps add value to your property in the long term, is an environmentally sound option, is a source of cheap and delicious food (that you know for sure is pesticide-free) and is a great way to get children involved in gardening and eating vegetables. Whatever the size of your garden we can help advise on how to include a home allotment, from window boxes and pots to large potager gardens and raised beds.