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Thursday, 31 August 2023

Did you know that a shocking 90% of cut flowers sold in the UK are imported from overseas, often travelling thousands of miles in refrigerated containers and racking up a huge carbon footprint? All the more reason for us to consider what we are buying and what alternatives there are. Houseplants are a great option, purifying the air as well as providing longer lasting greenery to the indoors.  But if you miss a beautiful bunch of flowers in a vase, why don’t you grow your own? You don’t need a huge cutting patch, just make some clever choices in what to grow in your garden to make it a cut above the rest! Here’s our tips on the best cut flowers to grow in your garden…


Roses had to be top of the list didn’t they? They are pretty easy to grow and can look great in a mixed border with a variety of shrubs and perennials. Keep on top of feeding them and watch for any pests and by regularly picking them for your vase you will encourage lots of new blooms for months. Bargain!

Lulu enjoying the scent of a rose at Alnwick Gardens

Lulu enjoying the scent of a rose at Alnwick Gardens


These are a great addition to any garden as they give much needed flowers late winter/early Spring and we love their nodding heads and dappled throats. In the garden, cut back their foliage to showcase their beautiful flowers (while stealing a few for your vase!)


Another early spring favourite for a splash of colour indoors is the daffodil. Bulbs are cheap to buy so pop as many as you can in your garden in Autumn for a beautiful display both indoors and out come Spring.


A florist’s favourite but you’ll pay quite a penny to get these from your local florists. So why not buy a bunch of bulbs in autumn for less than 50p each – always plant in groups for impact but remember to plant extra for your vase! Allium Purple Sensation is a great variety to try out but experiment with lots of different varieties if you have space.

Allium Purple Sensation are a cut above the rest

We have lots of alliums in our garden


Another bulb which works amazingly well as a cut flower – but rather than having yours imported from the Netherlands, plant them in your own garden to brighten your outdoor (and indoor) space through the Spring months. Plant as many as you can squeeze into your borders and pots!


There’s something about a peony that we just adore! Their heavy ruffles and scent rule the garden from May through July. Pick them for your vase while still in bud for extra longevity (and just because we love those buds!)


Hydrangeas are one of our favourite additions to the garden and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes from giant mop heads to pretty panicles. Not only do these look great in a vase as a fresh flower, they make an amazing dried flower too which will give you years of pleasure.

Lulu loving the hydrangea display at Logan Botanic Gardens

Lulu loving the hydrangea display at Logan Botanic Gardens

Sweet Pea

Sweet peas are perfect for little vases or jugs that you have and add beautiful colour and scent to the indoors as well as in the garden. The more you cut them the more they will flower so it’s a win win for the sweet pea!


The dahlia is a stunning plant which can come in a rainbow of colours. They take a little more care as they are frost tender but give huge dividends as a beautiful plant in the garden which works equally well in a vase and will keep flowering in the garden from summer through to the first frosts.

Contorted Hazel

OK, so it’s not a flower but the twisty stems of the contorted hazel are a must for a contemporary floral display. As you shape and prune your shrub over the years to fit your garden perfectly you will have a constant supply of these gorgeous structural stems.

For dried flower displays we would recommend hydrangeas, alliums, cardoons, contorted hazel branches, poppy seed heads, echinops, eryngium and lavender.

Contorted hazel is perfect with its twisty stems are a cut above the rest

Contorted hazel is perfect with its twisty stems

Have fun experimenting with your home grown displays saving money and the planet and making you a cut above the rest.



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