Daft on Daffodils

Wednesday, 09 April 2014

Isn’t it wonderful to see the beautiful displays of daffodils at the moment? They seem to be in almost every garden with their nodding, golden heads heralding the start of Spring. They are very cheery (a bit like me!) So, if you are daft on daffodils, here’s a lovely daffodil craft project you can do during the school holidays to add some daffodil cheer to the inside of the home as well as the garden…
Daffodils always make me smile

Daffodils always make me smile

Paper Plate Daffodil

You will need:

To make:

1. Take one of your paper plates and on the reverse side draw the outline of your daffodil shape. Ask your grown up to cut this shape out, then paint it a lovely bright yellow.

Painting the flower is a lot of fun

Painting the flower is a lot of fun

2. Take the other plate and draw a similar daffodil shape but slightly smaller and this time draw it on the correct side of the plate. You can paint this one the same colour, or add some coloured paper to give a different texture. We chose some lovely yellow crepe paper to glue onto the plate.

I liked adding the glue to the flower

I liked adding the glue to the flower

3. Stick your two plates together. You will now have a lovely 3D effect because the plates have been used opposite ways:

4. You now need to make the daffodil’s trumpet! Root-toot-toot! To do this get a toilet roll tube. Ask a grown up to cut approx 2cm deep slits, approx 1.5cm wide, at one end of the tube (you will have roughly 9 “tabs” when you have finished. On the other end cut lots of slits to make a fringe effect. Once this has done paint the inside and out orange:

5. Once the trumpet is dry gently fold back the fringing. Then glue the tabs at the opposite end and stick the trumpet in the middle of your petals and glue a loop onto the back to hang it up:

The finished daffodil to keep us cheery all winter ;

The finished daffodil to keep us cheery all winter ;

If you need any more advice on bulbs or would like to contact us about getting some planted in your own garden then please get in touch.

Hugs & kisses,

Lulu xx


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