Funny Pets In The Garden – Part 2

Monday, 07 October 2013

You all loved my first blog on the funny pets we have come across in gardens. So by popular demand I have written a second blog on this very cute & cuddly subject. Hee hee, they make me laugh every time I look at them 🙂 Funny Pets in the Garden – Part 2:

This is the doggy which my good friend Georgia’s Mummy & Daddy used to have. His name is Murdo and he is very handsome! They now have another doggy called Sandy who I like to visit. Here is Murdo who has found a cool spot in the garden to sit:

Murdo was a "hot dog" so found a place in the shade to sit!

Murdo was a “hot dog” so found a place in the shade to sit!

Here we have my lovely friend Ruby. I have known her since she was teeny tiny. She is super cute! Here she is deciding that today she will have a picnic in her lovely garden:

 Ruby demands an alfresco lunch!

Ruby demands an alfresco lunch!

More doggies. This time it’s Simba and Harley who belong to Honor, Hope and Kai. I think they are practising their ballet moves together here!:

 Simba and Harley practise their  ballet moves

Simba helps Harley to perfect his”en pointe”!

Here’s a funny photos of Jasper who used to live next door to me. He’s really a Labradoodle but Calum decided Jasper was going to be a horsey instead!:

Gee up Jasper!

Gee up Jasper!


And finally, one last photo, again of Fudge. Whilst she isn’t in the garden this time, this photo was taken when it was really bad weather one winter. Daddy couldn’t get out into the garden so he stayed inside to do some work and Fudgey-doo-dee (and a funny beard) kept him warm!:

   I'm not sure who is hairier in this photo, Daddy or Fudgey!

I’m not sure who is hairier in this photo, Daddy or Fudgey!

If you have funny photos of animals in your garden please get in touch, I would love to see them and share them on my blog.

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