Garden Trends for 2023

Wednesday, 04 January 2023

Happy New Year! We may not always want to be outside in our gardens during winter but that doesn’t mean we can’t plan what we want to do with them in the coming year. At Vialii, we always have our fingers on the pulse when it comes to garden trends and this year is no different. So sit back while we share with you the garden trends for 2023…

Pantone Colour of the Year

One of the first things we like to check each year is what the Pantone colour of the year is and this year we are LOVING the choice – Viva Magenta! Rooted in nature, this vivid red features in a plethora of planting from hydrangeas and rhododendron to heucheras and echinacea. It’s also a gorgeous colour to add to your garden through the addition of cushions, painting raised beds, adding planters and much more. Gorgeous!


Pantone colour of the year – Viva Magenta

Perfect Porcelain

2023 will see demand for porcelain rise as the prices become more competitive with the ever popular sandstone. Not only does porcelain paving give off those high-end vibes, you can relax without having to worry about stains and algae appearing on your new perfect patio and paths.

Lovely porcelain paving

Lovely porcelain paving

Luscious Lawns

In recent years artificial grass has proved popular but we see those trends fading away and real lawn will be in demand again in 2023. With artificial grass being a high carbon footprint product to manufacture and ship as well as being an eco nightmare at the end of its life, more and more garden designers and clients are turning their backs on plastic and ensuring a high quality real lawn is a feature in 2023.

Luscious lawn

Luscious lawn

Inside Out

2023 sees more and more demand for outdoor living – from outdoor sofas and rugs to garden kitchens featuring state of the art BBQs, sinks and pizza ovens, gardens are the new “out out” for this year. And saves you the taxi back home!

An Egg BBQ is a great way to cook outdoors

An Egg BBQ is a great way to cook outdoors

Zen Zones

As the world around us gets more and more stressful, we will need those spaces in our garden where we can relax and forget about worries. For some that will be an entire Japanese zen garden, for others it could be the additional of a much yearned for water feature or a relaxing swing chair. Whatever it may be, create your zen corner in 2023.

A relaxing egg chair

A relaxing egg chair

Water Wonders

After the droughts and high temperatures of 2022, thinking of how to look after your garden in 2023 is key. Thinking of the types of planting and how they could be watered during a potential hose-pipe ban is important. Also, thinking for alternatives to hose-pipes such as stylish water butts will be an important factor this year. As always, we can ensure your garden is both stylish and practical at Vialii!

Stylish water butt

Adding a stylish water butt is a clever addition for 2023.


As we all try to be more environmentally friendly and healthy, thinking about where our food comes from is a key trend. And saves us money too which is always a bonus! But this year you don’t need to ditch your patio for a veg bed, “edimentals” are on trend which means mixing your edibles (your fruit and veg) in with your ornamentals (your shrubs and flowers!). Not only will your veg look great (courgette flower anyone?) but you will get cheap, organic food through the summer.


Create an edimental garden in 2023

For help with designing and building your garden in 2023 get in touch for a free initial consultation. Here’s to a wonderful year ahead in our gardens!

All at Vialii


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