How To Help Burgle-Proof Your Garden

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

It’s the time of year that many of us are heading off on holiday, leaving our homes empty. There are obvious things you can do in your homes to deter would-be burglars such as alarms, CCTV and putting lights on timers. But, in our latest blog, we share some ideas on how to help burgle-proof your garden and subsequently your home.

Use gravel in garden to deter burglars

Use gravel in garden to deter burglars


Spiky Plants

Introducing spiky plants in borders where your garden may be accessed can be a great deterrent. Plants such as holly and berberis will be your friend but not burglars! Plants with thorns such as roses can be helpful too.


Gravel Areas

Having gravel driveways, paths and borders can help as any intruder will make a noise which may put them off even trying to come near.


Robust Boundaries

Think about your boundaries and how difficult it would for a burglar to access your property. A thick hedge such as privet can be grown to a good height and is too thick to push through. Alternatively a robust fence which is high enough and cannot easily be climbed is useful. Add locks to gates and sheds (and use them!) You can get alarmed padlocks which adds an extra level of security.

A well lit garden will help keep you safe

A well lit garden will help keep you safe


Garden Lighting

Adding lighting to the garden can help deter intruders. Security lights on the house are great but also adding low voltage lighting around the garden not only makes the garden look pretty, it eliminates dark corners where someone could hide.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday, wherever you go and keep your home safe.

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