Make An Autumn Wreath

Wednesday, 03 October 2018

With all the leaves changing colour and falling from the trees, we were inspired to make an autumn wreath for my bedroom door. It’s a great craft project for children of all ages (and mummies and daddies!) and it sure adds a lovely splash of colour to your home. Here’s what you need and how to make it. It’s super easy!

Autumn wreath

You will need:

To make:

1. Choose a pretty autumn leaf which will be your template. We chose a lovely maple leaf as it’s such a pretty shape.

2. Draw around the leaf on your coloured paper – lots of times!

Draw round your autumn leaf

3. Cut out your leaves. Be careful with the sharp scissors!

Cut out your leaves

4. Draw the veins of the leaves on your cut outs so they look realistic!

5. Cut out your ring to the size you want – we used a dinner plate to make the size we wanted. A grown up might need to help with this as thick card can be tricky to cut.

Cut out your ring

6. Glue your paper leaves onto your ring so that they overlap each other.

Glue your leaves onto your wreath

7. Now it’s ready you just need to hang your wreath on your door!

Hang your DIY autumn wreath on your door

You could use real leaves if you wished although they wouldn’t last as long.

Happy wreath making!

Tilda x

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