Make Your Own Bird Feeder

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

It’s been a busy start to 2018 for me as I turned 6 and started going to Beavers. On my very first week there we made a cool bird feeder from an old bottle which made me think I should show you how to make your own bird feeder using some things from around the house. It’s still really cold outside so our feathered friends need as much help as possible and it’s a great craft activity for half term!

Lulu's bird feeder

You will need:

Sainsbury’s Bank Guide to Building a Bottle Bird Feeder

Original image from Money Matters blog ( )

To make:

1. Carefully add 2 pairs of holes in the bottle where the pencils will be pushed through. Make sure that each pair of holes are the same height. You may need a grown up to help with making the holes as it can be tricky.

2. Push your pencils/sticks through to make perches for the birds.

3. Add some small holes above each perch so that the birds can access the bird food (not too big though or the seeds will fall out)

4. Tie string round the top which you will use to hang it up

5. Fill with bird seed and put your lid back on (to keep your seed dry)

6. Now it’s ready to hang outside!


We have ours hanging in our apple tree and can see it easily from the house and watch birds coming for their tea!

Enjoy making yours.

Lulu x

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