Make Your Own Easy Easter Centrepiece

Saturday, 03 April 2021

We may not be able to have a big family get together this Easter (once again, cheers Covid!) but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate Easter in our own way. We decided to brighten up our Easter Sunday dinner by making our own Easter centrepiece. It is so quick and easy and looks great too. And we had all the things we needed just lying about the house and garden so it cost us absolutely nothing! Here’s how to make your own Easter centrepiece…

To make your own Easter centrepiece you will need:

To make your Easter Centrepiece:

1. Take your branches and stand them in your pot (we tied ours together to help keep them in place the way we wanted them to sit in the pot.)

2. Add your pebbles/gravel to hold them in place as well as weighing down your pot so your centrepiece doesn’t topple over and land in your Easter dinner!

Add gravel to your pot to weigh it down and look pretty

Add gravel to your pot to weigh it down and look pretty

3. Add your eggs. You could add bunnies or chicks too!

Add your Easter Eggs!

Add your Easter Eggs!

And it is as easy as that! And doesn’t it look beautiful? You could easily adapt this idea for other special times of the year such as Valentine’s, Halloween or Christmas!

Happy Easter!

A beautiful Easter centrepiece! Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from all at Vialii

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