A Cascading Oasis

Our clients already had some elements of beautiful landscaping in the upper levels of their sloping garden but were looking for ideas to transform other parts of the garden and to make it wildlife friendly and add a water feature.

"Michael and Jill are garden designers, not landscapers that “double” as designers, and were able to bring some creativity to our own thoughts, transforming a bland terrace and shaded area with low and high level water feature and associated landscaping. Really pleased with the final result."

The garden before


The garden after


With some existing seating areas closer to the house already in place, we designed a new seating area towards the back of the garden with a stunning curved seating area with a contemporary white render finish. The client added a fabulous outdoor stove which is a great focal point while providing a welcome heat later in the evening.

The big WOW factor we designed into the new garden is the cascading water feature which runs between the upper and lower levels of the garden, linking the two parts and drawing you down into the garden. A pond at the top cascades down, over a cobbled river bed edged in sandstone, to another pond at the bottom. Both ponds are made safe with pond grids. A timber boardwalk allows you to walk alongside and over the cascade down to the bottom of the garden where a delightful bench allows you to enjoy the garden from a different perspective. Chunky timbers, posts and ropes were used to create the boardwalk. The bottom of the garden has an incredibly relaxing feel – a true oasis amidst the beautiful planting and trickle of water. There is a mix of aquatics, ornamental planting and a productive garden including an orchard allowing the clients to enjoy a wide variety of gardening.

Our Design Drawing for A Cascading Oasis

Design for a cascading oasis

Our Mood Board for A Cascading Oasis

Moodboard for a cascading oasis

A Cascading Oasis Gallery

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