A Wildlife Friendly Garden

Our clients were keen to transform their new build back garden into a haven for wildlife and somewhere for them to relax. Their front garden needed to be made a more welcoming arrival home as well as being low maintenance.

"The standard of the work was exceptional and we loved seeing our new garden come together. The final result is something we are delighted with and know we will enjoy for many years to come. "



Beautiful natural sandstone paving was selected to create the new patio and new steps from the conservatory were built to match. Timber effect sleepers were installed to create a stepping stone path leading to the new patio. A raised bed at the back of the patio along with beautiful new pots provides space for more planting.

To help attract wildlife, a large pond was built with lovely large slabby sandstone around the edges. Aquatic plants and marginals help keep the pond healthy and attract wildlife. Wildlife friendly planting including buddleja, spiraea, scabiosa, lavandula and sedum will provide beautiful colours and scents throughout the garden. Lighting was installed to allow the clients to be able to enjoy the garden later into the evening.

Gravel and cobbles were added to create interest in the garden as well as keeping it low maintenance. This style was replicated to the front garden. Simpler access to the front door was created as well as alternative routes for visitors. Beautiful, low maintenance planting throughout the gravel and cobbles at the front completed the transformation.

Our Design Drawing for A Wildlife Friendly Garden

Our Mood Board for A Wildlife Friendly Garden

A Wildlife Friendly Garden Gallery

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