An Accessible Garden for all the Family

Our clients wanted their blank canvas garden transformed into a space which would be accessible and enjoyed by all of the family. Wheelchair access around the whole garden was important along with raised beds to allow planting and scent at higher level and some shade. Space for a trampoline and goals was important to ensure everyone was catered for. And of course a nice relaxing space for adults.

An accessible garden for all the family
Before: the garden was a blank canvas


After: new paths, patios, raised beds and pergola transform the space


The main focus of the design was the sunniest end of the garden. We created a new golden sandstone patio with plenty of space of tables and chairs and still able to comfortably move around in a wheelchair. New gently sloping paths meet with the existing deck allowing access around the whole garden. Raised beds were created using both horizontal and vertical sleepers allowing for lovely curves to suit the design. Gaps were left between the raised beds to allow wheelchair access to enjoy the sights, textures and scents of the new planting. A contemporary pergola was built in one corner of the patio with slatting to the back side of it which provides a screen to the trampoline which is tucked away down the side of the house. The pergola was then painted white to create a modern look.

Low maintenance planting was added around the garden including prunus incisa ‘kojo-no-mai’, phormium ‘Tricolor’ and ‘Moonrise’, hebe ‘Red Edge’ and lavandula angustofolia. Apple trees were also planted to add privacy to the garden and house. The existing lawn was reshaped and allows plenty of space for football.

Our Design Drawing for An Accessible Garden for all the Family

Our design for an accessible garden

Our Mood Board for An Accessible Garden for all the Family

Our moodboard for an accessible garden

An Accessible Garden for all the Family Gallery

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