An Arts & Crafts Garden

Our clients had done a lot of work to their art deco house and felt it was time to give the same love and attention to the outdoors by creating an Arts & Crafts garden. The side garden had become overgrown and unmanageable and the back garden was simply a huge expanse of lawn, a tiny border with some alpines and shrubs and some utility slabs as a seating area.

An Arts & Crafts garden in Perth

"After 11 years of a completely dull back garden, I walk around the new garden in absolute amazement. It certainly takes time, effort and money but I have no regrets having chosen to do this and am very much looking forward to all aspects of its enjoyment - particularly in warmer weather!"

Before: just lawn, concrete paving and uninspiring borders



The garden had to reflect the beautiful arts and crafts home as well as providing space for entertaining and enjoying the garden as a while. A beautiful old gazebo in the garden had fallen into a state of disrepair but it was clear that this could become a wonderful focal point of the garden. The gazebo was lovingly restored and relocated to a sunny corner of the garden. A large sandstone patio was created in order to provide plenty of space to entertain family and friends. The extent of paving was broken up by vintage style brick detailing and some gravel circles. Large feature pots also create lovely focal points in the garden and provide continuity as you journey from the side garden through into the back. The large lawn was reshaped, curving paths introduced and interesting curios popped into the newly planted borders. The side garden was redesigned to tie in with the back garden, taking you on a journey around the side. Curving paths, sandstone patio and focal points all echo the design of the back garden and make them work harmoniously together.

Our Design Drawing for An Arts & Crafts Garden

The design for the Arts & Crafts garden

Our Mood Board for An Arts & Crafts Garden

An Arts & Crafts Garden Gallery

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