A Low Maintenance Idyll

Our retired client was looking for a low maintenance garden which she could still potter in as well as having seating areas to relax and enjoy the garden. The existing garden lacked inspiration so it was over to us to design a low maintenance idyll for our client.

A low maintenance idyll

"I couldn’t be more pleased with the work you have done. Your attention to detail is wonderful. I will have a lot of pleasure in the garden. You have given me all I asked for and more. The workmanship is second to none."





We used a golden sandstone to create new steps, paths and patio for our client making the garden easy to access and a beautiful new seating area to relax and enjoy the garden from.

To allow our elderly client to be able to garden easily, we created beautiful raised beds using vertical sleepers allowing us to create curving shapes. These were filled with lovely perennials and grasses adding colour and texture to the garden.

Gravel was added around the borders to keep the garden low maintenance and a lovely mix of easy to look after shrubs were planted including phormium “Alison Blackman”, amelanchier lamarckii, euonymus alatus, a range of hebes and hydrangea “Diamantino”.

Space for a new shed was created and the existing lawn was reshaped and edged in aluminium.

Our Design Drawing for A Low Maintenance Idyll

Our design

Our Mood Board for A Low Maintenance Idyll

Our moodboard

A Low Maintenance Idyll Gallery

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