The Modern Hot Tub Garden

This family garden in Stirling needed a makeover to suit the whole family. The adults were keen to have a relaxing space where they could entertain friends and chill out in their hot tub while still suit their young children. An old garage was in the sunny corner of the garden so there was a requirement to create a new storage space while freeing up that valuable side of the garden to become a new sociable space. Creating a corner to add some raised beds so the family could grow some of their own produce too was on the wish list.

The stunning new hot tub garden
Before: the garden lacked style and interest


After: built in seating, rendered raised beds, a hot tub an pergola make this a wow garden


There was a lot to fit into this garden so careful design to make sure it could all fit in without feeling too squeezed was required. The demolition of the garage was a big decision but one that would make a huge difference to their outdoor space. A new, stylish garden room was installed to the side of the house to provide the storage required. A screen fence separated this from the back garden and allowed space for the wheely bins to be stored.

The new space created from demolishing the garage meant that we could design a sandstone patio with in-built seating as well as a raised decking with sunken hot tub. To help with privacy, as well as creating a stunning modern look, a white contemporary pergola was created using hardwood.

Raised fencing finished in “Urban Slate” was installed around the boundary to create a clean, contemporary look while still allowing the original stone wall to be seen.

New planting was added around the boundary and in the raised beds including shrubs such as buxus sempervirens, hebe and lavandula; decorative grasses such as carex ‘Intense Green’ and a selection of heuchera to add some zesty splashes to the garden.

The young family wasn’t forgotten with a large lawn area as well as space for the much loved mud kitchen. And some new timber raised beds at the side of the house means that the family can enjoy growing some of their own food together.

Our Design Drawing for The Modern Hot Tub Garden

Garden design for hot tub garden

Our Mood Board for The Modern Hot Tub Garden

Moodboard for hot tub garden

The Modern Hot Tub Garden Gallery

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