Beautiful Barca

We were lucky enough recently to visit beautiful Barcelona for a long weekend. We did of course do the usual touristy highlights from Gaudi to La Rambla, beach to cable car but we were really blown away by how beautifully green the city was. Here are some of our favourite green spots in beautiful barca…

Green Wall

Opposite the Mies van der Rohe pavilion we discovered this stunning green wall. Isn’t it incredible? We love the different colours and textures as well as these amazing big boulders jutting out!

Green wall in Barcelona

Green wall in Barcelona

Bottle trees

We loved the plethora of trees in the city, especially the London plane trees which give the streets a light, leafy feel. But these Brachychiton rupestris trees really appealed to us. They are better known as bottle trees due to their bulbous trunks which store water helping them contend with bush fires.

Bottle trees in Barcelona


Leafy Streets

Whilst the main streets were filled with London plane trees, even side streets were filled with planters, tree ferns and all sorts of lovely lushness.

Lush streets in Barcelona


Barcelona is famed for its architecture and sculpture at every turn in the city but this sculpture in a park near the beach made us smile!

Sculpture in Barcelona

Wall detailing

We of course loved our visit to Parc Guell with amazing things to see everywhere we looked! We loved the brick detailing on the wall of this garden turning a boring wall into something sculptural and amazing!

Wall in Park Guell, Barcelona

Beautiful Balconies

The locals don’t let living in an apartment in the city centre stop them from enjoying gardening. This apartment was covered in pots adding splashes of colour and fighting pollution from the passing traffic.

Balcony garden in Barcelona


If you haven’t already been then pop Barcelona to the top of your list. And if you have, go again, we guarantee you will find something new and amazing to see!

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