Mr McM, Alloa

Monday, 19 December 2016

Linsey and I are delighted with the way things are coming along, we can see how this is finally going to be a useable space for us and more importantly, Thea. We can’t wait to see it finished, but we couldn’t be happier with the progress so far and the way things are starting to look. The Gabion baskets have been a great idea from a design perspective, we really like the way they look and that it was a “green” way to reuse a lot of the old rubble from the garden. I am glad the lads talked me out of filling them though, that was a bit more complex than I had anticipated! It would be remiss of me not to say again how happy we’ve been with you and the lads for the way you have gone about the work in general. The guys are always happy to have a chat to explain how things are coming or what is needed, letting us know what is happening next etc. (and are just generally nice guys) and obviously you have kept us in the loop as well, both on email/phone and when you are on site. I know you’ll consider that normal, good customer practice, but in my experience it’s certainly not always the norm, so I feel like I should highlight it positively when people are doing it so well, rather than simply take it for granted! It’s been a pleasure to be involved in so far, which given the scale of work and scary (for us) budget could easily have been far more stressful. That there’s been little stress at all speaks volumes for how you and your team have gone about it. So thank you.

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