The Icy Winter of 2010…

Saturday, 04 December 2010

Regardless of all the frustrations of not being able to work on build projects at the moment due to the heavy snow and icy temperatures, there’s no denying that it’s an incredibly beautiful time of year for the winter garden…

View from our back garden across to Wallace Monument

View from our back garden across to Wallace Monument

Our garden and the fields beyond are covered in snow, creating a beautiful winter wonderland for us all to enjoy.

It is important to choose plants which can provide year round interest in gardens and this time of year certainly puts that theory to the test. One of our favourites is the seedheads of the echinops which look great throughout winter:

Echinops looks stunning in a winter garden

Echinops looks stunning right into the winter months

Grasses are also wonderful all year round and look especially good when covered in frost or providing a splash of colour against their snowy surroundings:

Grasses provide year round interest

Grasses provide year round interest

…Still, after all these weeks of snow, a thaw would be nice now…

To find out more about planting which provides year round interest and that is perfect for a winter garden visit our blogs:

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