Dye Your Easter Eggs Naturally

Monday, 26 March 2018

We had a fun early Easter over at our BFF Euan’s house and it even snowed! We have NEVER rolled our Easter eggs in the snow before! This year we decided we would try and dye our eggs naturally which was a lot of fun and had some interesting results. In this blog we tell you what you need and how to try it home.

Dye your easter eggs naturally

Dye your easter eggs naturally this year

You will need:

How to dye your Easter Eggs naturally:

1. Hard boil your eggs

2. Boil your “dyes” (the spinach, beetroot, cabbage and turmeric) in separate saucepans with the water. Bring to the boil, turn down the heat and simmer for 15-30 mins.

Dye your easter eggs naturally

Boil up your dyes

3. The dye is ready when it is a few shades darker than you want your eggs to be. Set the dyes aside to cool.

4. Strain the dye.

5. Add the vinegar.

6. Add an egg to a small bowl then cover the egg with the dye. Make sure the egg is completely submerged. Repeat for each colour.

Add your boiled eggs to your natural dyes

7. Put the eggs (still in the dye) in the fridge to set and until the desired colour is reached. Note that they will fade a bit once rinsed.

8. To achieve a stronger colour, do several soaks, drying them between each dye.

9. Once you have finished add a little oil to the eggs to give them a shiny finish.

Oiling your eggs make them lovely and shiny

10. Roll them down a hill!

Dye your easter eggs naturally

A snowy day for rollng Easter Eggs!

Our favourites were the beetroot and the cabbage. The spinach didn’t work very well at all for us. Play around with different patterns. We loved our half coated ones which looked really cool.

Dye your easter eggs naturally

The half coated red cabbage dyed egg, doesn’t it look awersome!

Happy Easter everyone, hopefully it won’t be as snowy when you are rolling your Easter eggs.

Lulu & Tilda xx

Dye your easter eggs naturally

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