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Monday, 12 August 2013

One of the most common problems we come across when we go to see new clients is a sodden lawn and garden drainage issues. And after the Winter we have just had they are even more prevalent! And whilst we can’t fix the weather, there is a lot that can be done to help fix your flooded garden…

Garden Drainage Issues

Drainage drainage issues are becoming increasingly synonymous with new build homes but they can prevail in pretty much any garden. In new estates, gardens are often littered with builders’ rubble and more often than not insufficient subsoil is removed and not enough good quality topsoil is brought in. In other gardens, soil may have become compacted, the soil may have too much clay content or the lawn may be shaded by overgrown trees. Or there may be some hidden drainage problem which needs to be addressed. Every garden is different and we always recommend getting expert advice. Here are some of the ways we help our clients tackle their soggy bottoms…

Garden drainage issues

We can help fix your garden drainage issues


When soil becomes compacted it’s necessary to put some air back into the lawn area. The grass is spiked and, where necessary, cores removed. A sandy loam mix is then brushed in. Remember, if you have a problem with soggy grass, avoid walking on it in wet weather as you will compact it even more. Foe more info on looking after your grass click here.

Drainage channels

Where the flooding is bad, adding drainage channels can help improve the situation. The extent of the problem will determine the amount of channels required and how much of the existing turf will need to be removed and new turf laid.

New turf

If the lawn has been laid on poor quality soil, it may be wise to lift the grass and remove the top soil and any rubble. We would then rotovate the area thoroughly, dig in lots of organic matter, sand and grit before adding good quality top soil and then laying new, good quality turf. It may sound like a faff but it could be the best way to give you a LLL (long-term lovely lawn!).

Artificial turf

Whilst you can lay artificial turf on a wet area without tackling the drainage problem, you should still consider additional drainage measures if you’re problems are severe. We would recommend following the same steps as with laying new turf and if really bad consider drainage channels too.

Artificial grass is an option to overcome issues of a sodden lawn

Artificial grass is an option to overcome issues of a sodden lawn

However. sometimes you need to know when to quit and try something else. In some gardens the aspect, soil and elevation may mean that a lawn is not a practical solution (or perhaps not for the whole garden). Gravel is one great alternative as it’s relatively low cost, low maintenance, hides lots of sitting water and can be softened by planting, pots, statues etc.  Or go with the flow (excuse the pun) and install a pond in that area of the garden.

There will be different solutions to suit every garden but we are happy to visit and give you our friendly advice and a free estimate.

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