New Shed Project

Tuesday, 06 September 2011

Our garden, whilst largely completed last year, has still got a few areas needing addressed before our full design can be realised. One of the bigger, outstanding items has been a new shed project involving the construction of a bespoke shed in an awkward space around the back corner of the house. This area has become a bit of a dumping ground which is rather unsightly, as I’m sure you will agree. The new shed will eventually house all our garden tools etc and maybe a bike or two and will liberate some valuable space in our already overfilled garage.

A dumping ground....

A dumping ground….

The plan for the shed is to have a pent style living roof. Due to the irregular size of this corner of the garden we are choosing to construct the shed ourselves (plus we never like to do “normal”! It’ll also help us use up some of our excess timber stock that we continually seem to acquire at the completion of garden build projects. We have also acquired some lovely canadian oak pallets which will form the main structure of the shed. The picture below was the state of things at the end of the weekend.

New shed project: The shed structure takes shape

The shed structure takes shape

To see how the shed project turned out click here.

Thanks for reading.

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