Our Top 5 New Year Garden Resolutions

Tuesday, 01 January 2019

Happy New Year everyone! We hope you have had a lovely time over Christmas and are well rested and looking forward to 2019. It’s the perfect time to make plans for the year ahead and have good intentions and to help you, we have collated our top 5 new year garden resolutions to help raise the standards in your garden in 2019…

Get Composting

Reducing and recycling have been buzz words for the last few years and we are always trying to reduce the amount of waste we generate. A great way to help with this is to have a compost heap in the garden. Throw all your fruit and veg peelings on there, egg shells, garden waste, grass clippings and by this time next year you will have a lovely compost to use in your garden.

Our home allotment has raised beds and a home made compost bin to match

Our home allotment has raised beds and a home made compost bin to match

Lawn TLC

Our lawns put up with a lot throughout the year so it’s worth giving them a little TLC so they have the best chance of flourishing. There are a few things you can do which will really help:

Why not just choose one of them to tackle this year and we can help with some of the other ones and you can be happy that you helped make a big difference to your lawn this year.

An ickle Lulu scarifying our lawn

Care for Wildlife

Do just one thing (or more if you wish!) to encourage wildlife into your garden -if we all do that then it will make a HUGE difference. It could be something simple like add a wildlife friendly plant to your garden or a bird feeder. Or you could do something bigger like sow a wildflower meadow or build a bug hotel.

Bug hotel

Plant A Tree

There’s an old saying, “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago”. The second best time is now. If you have small children like me and Tilda, we definitely recommend doing it now – you can see the tree grow alongside them. Make sure you plant a tree appropriate for the size of your garden. If you want help with that please get in touch. 

Spend More Time Relaxing Outdoors

There are always LOTS to do in the garden but make a resolution to spend more time relaxing outdoors this year. It will be good for your health and for those around you.

Lulu loves lounging on a lovely lawn!

I love lounging on a lovely lawn!

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2019 in the garden.

Lulu & Tilda

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