No Pectin Raspberry Jam Recipe

Tuesday, 06 October 2020

We did a big harvest of raspberries at the weekend, knowing the end is nigh for these beauties. They have served us well with lashings of fresh berries for over 2 months now but with the frosts nearing, there won’t be more home grown raspberries for much longer this year. So all the troops were rallied and a glut of raspberries were harvested. Said troops did a valiant effort of scoffing them but with plenty left over it seemed inevitable that a batch of raspberry jam would be the order of the day. Queue the need for a no pectin raspberry jam recipe…

Freshly picked raspberries, yum!

Freshly picked raspberries, yum!


With no jam making sugar in our local store, we decided to try out this no pectin raspberry jam recipe. And it worked a treat. Raspberries have a high amount of naturally produced pectin and by adding in some lemon juice you are increasing the pectin levels, allowing it to set. If you are finding your jam isn’t setting, keeping cooking it for 2 more minutes at a time, doing the chilled saucer test each time. A little added lemon juice will help too.

Non Pectin Raspberry Jam Recipe:


As you are not using pectin you don’t need quite as much sugar (bonus!) Normally you would have the same weight of fruit to sugar. We had 500g of raspberries and used 400g of sugar. We used the juice of one lemon.

The perfect use for a glut of raspberries in the garden

The perfect use for a glut of raspberries in the garden


Non pectin raspberry jam - perfectly set!

Non pectin raspberry jam – perfectly set!

If you want to learn more about making jams and try some amazing recipes we recommend the Jam Maker’s Garden, read all about it in or blog.




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