A Relaxing Riverside Retreat

Our clients had an enviable location, their garden backed right onto the River Allan and the Mine Woods. They wanted a beautiful riverside garden to relax in and enjoy the ever-changing views. The existing deck was to be adapted and the stone seating area retained. The rest was to be transformed…

The riverside garden after
The riverside garden before


The riverside garden after


We replaced the existing deck boards and removed the balustrade around the edge to create a more open, contemporary look to the existing smaller decking. A new stone path links round the main deck. We added new planting around the decking to make it feel enveloped by nature. A beautiful glass balustrade allows wonderful views of the river at the bottom of the garden. A new path links round the existing stone seating area, making it feel part of the garden design. The existing grass was reshaped to fit in with the new garden. A lovely mix of planting was added including astilbe, crocosmia and lots of varieties of heuchera giving splashes of colour throughout summer. Shrubs add structure and colour and include euonymus elata, lots of varieties of hydrangea, hypericum ‘Magical White’ and phormium ‘Apricot Queen’. Four different varieties of acer were added to the garden adding height, texture and colour to the garden.

Our Design Drawing for A Relaxing Riverside Retreat


Our Mood Board for A Relaxing Riverside Retreat


A Relaxing Riverside Retreat Gallery

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