A Stylish Townhouse Garden

Our clients’ newly built townhouse was left with a typically uninspiring blank canvas garden so they desperately needed some helping in turning it into a stylish place to relax. As well as a low maintenance garden with places to sit, the clients cats were to be included in our thought process for the design of their stylish townhouse garden…

A Stylish Townhouse Garden

"We are absolutely delighted with the work carried out to transform our small garden into a modern, contemporary, low maintenance space with bespoke seating and gorgeous plants. The cats love it too!"

Townhouse Garden Before




The two main patios were created using beautiful polished sandstone, creating a stunning, contemporary finish. Stepping stones laid into the new lawn links the two patios together. A stylish bespoke seat was created using hardwood and given a sleek rendered finish. Lavender, rosemary and decorative grasses were added to give a fragrant and contemporary finish to the seating.

The fence was double slatted to create privacy but single slatted “windows” were created to allow the clients’ cats to see out of the garden but still be kept safely inside. The mesh to the top of the fence was retained to keep the cats safely inside the garden. The fence was given a modern slate grey finish.

Contemporary, low maintenance planting was added to soften the garden and provide year round interest. Shrubs such as Phyllostachys nigra, Pieris katsura, Fatsia japonica and Phormium “Maori Sunrise” complement the modern garden. The borders were finished with Ocean Pebbles to reduce maintenance and give a crisp finish to the borders.

Our Design Drawing for A Stylish Townhouse Garden


Our Mood Board for A Stylish Townhouse Garden


A Stylish Townhouse Garden Gallery

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