Spotlight On Garden Lighting

Monday, 17 October 2016

When we do our initial consultations with clients we have an extensive list of questions we go through to ensure we cover all aspects of gardens and deliver the garden of your dreams. One of the things we discuss is garden lighting. Lighting can transform your garden in the evening and extend its use. In our latest blog we explore some different options that are available which you may wish to consider…

Garden lighting

One of the gardens we designed, lit up at night

Directional lighting

Lighting can be an important addition to the garden to ensure you can move around the garden safely once the sun starts to set. Lights set into decking, patio and paths can help you safely navigate your garden as well as create an attractive glow while you relax and enjoy your outdoor space. There are a wide range of lights available to suit all applications, environments and tastes from recessed LEDs suitable for decks and patios or post lights which can lead you up the garden path (so to speak!)

Landscape lighting

Careful positioning of lights in key areas can give your garden a wonderful new lease of life in the evening. Spotlights on focal points such as sculptures or in certain planting can make the garden look magical. Stringing fairy lights around a pergola can create a wonderful feel which will make you want to spend even longer outdoors.

Garden lighting

Orbital” by Steve James, lit up at night in “A Sculpture Garden

Hard wired lighting v solar

Solar lighting has improved a lot in recent years and is worth considering in certain areas. It is certainly a better option if there are budgetary constraints or you are looking for a more environmentally friendly solution and solar spot lights can work well to light up planting such as a feature tree. If you are looking for lights for decking, paths or to provide a stronger, more longer lasting light we would recommend wired lighting.

Lighting built into walls and seating can look great

Lighting built into walls and seating can look great

Other considerations

You should always consider light pollution, effect on wildlife, effect on the environment etc when considering garden lighting. There are various solutions to these issues such as using anti-glare, choosing the lamp colour temperature etc which we can discuss.

Garden lighting

A garden lighting layout

Whatever your requirements we are happy to discuss this and the rest of your garden design with you. We can provide a lighting layout as part of your garden design if required. All lighting must be fitted by a qualified electrician (we can recommend one if you don’t already have someone you use) and good quality proprietary garden lighting should be used to ensure it will endure the rigours of outdoor use.
To arrange a free garden design consultation please get in touch.

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